Privacy Policy 

Notice of Privacy and HIPPA regulations

This Privacy Policy is between you, the user of this website (MINDMORF.COM), and MINDMORF.LLC the owner of the website. The terms “we, us, and “ours” refer to MINDMORF. Your privacy is important and will be taken seriously. This privacy policy considers all information shared on this website and shared to form links that are owned by MINDMORF.LLC

Section I: Data Protection

MINDMORF is required to protect any identifiable information you share. It will keep sensitive information confidential. Information such as your health, age, contact, location, or other health services that are being used will be kept in a HIPPA-compliant cloud service. MINDMORF will only disclose information in the following circumstances:

You have the right to access the information kept on file for you by making a written request. You also have the right to request your information be sent to another party. 


Section II: How your data will be used

Section III: Security & Storage 

Section IV: Updates