Weight Loss

Weight Loss | 3-6 Sessions

A Holistic Approach

Most programs out there focus on temporary dieting. There is an underlying assumption that something is wrong with your body or that invasive treatments are the only way. Why not learn what is right with your body and how to work with your body? Why not go beyond calories and mechanisms and view yourself as the multidimensional being that you are?

Why is RTT different?

The solution to weight loss can sometimes be complex. There are various components to achieving a desired weight. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) focuses on finding the root emotional, mental, and behavioral causes. We must go deep into the subconscious mind to find answers. Your emotions will always win out over your logical thinking mind. You might know exactly where all the changes need to take place. This is a chance to get your subconscious mind to cooperate with your logical thinking mind and have all hands on deck when pursuing changes.   Stress can be a major player contributing to unwanted weight. However, hypnosis is a powerful tool for reducing stress and helping people feel more confident in their coping capabilities.

RTT therapy does not encourage you to stop other forms of weight loss protocols. Instead, it can work alongside medical advice to keep you on track with dieting and exercise. This approach is meant to be a complementary long-term sustainable solution. It is designed to motivate you to eat healthier and take time for physical activity.

3 - 6 sessions are recommended when focused on weight-loss 

Health Management

Build healthy habits by giving yourself permission to love yourself and your body. 

Feel Attractive

Find out why you might not always feel attractive and start paying attention to your beauty and capacity to share that with yourself and the world.

Gain Fitness

Find how fun it can be to prioritize your body to function optimally.